Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Most Entertaining Frontcourt in the NBA?

The Clippers just blew out the Bobcats 106-84, as DunkFest 2013 went underway. It was dunk after dunk, alley-oop after alley-oop as the Bobcats defense crumbled under the speed, ferocity and sheer precision of the Clipper transition game. Of all the good points for the Clips, two things stood out- Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the most entertaining frontcourt in the NBA.

Let's break down the performance of the two. Blake Griffin- 24 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 block. Deandre Jordan- 13 points, 4 rebounds and 4 blocks. The most amazing thing- both guys did not even play the fourth quarter. 

Probably what establishes this pair as the most entertaining is their penchant for dunks. Lots of em'. Lob City (a nickname thanks to these guys and Chris Paul) has the two of them in the top three in dunks this season, with Griffin leading the way at 145 and Jordan third at 123. Possibly the most athletic frontcourt duo, no other pair can match up their speed and the sheer strength in which they dunk the ball. 

However, they cannot be the most entertaining frontcourt without their backcourt, especially their floor general Chris Paul. Paul has been one of the main reasons why Lob City is known as Lob City, and with the leagues's two best dunkers in your team, there can only be one result- Alley-oops. Just look back at the start of the game, where a play for an alley-oop to Jordan was drawn up and easily executed to start the game with a bang. 

One must never forget. Blocks. Jordan though not a leading shot blocker, is an avid shot blocker and shot alter-er. Griffin too, however its hard to imagine him not being one with the air and hangtime he gets, but he is known for the big block or two in games( remember Deron Williams?) Jordan had 4 blocks tonight with some tight defense, especially a huge one on Haywood which led to yet another dunk. 

So, possible challengers to their entertainment value title? Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph seem the closest, but they seem to be more effective and efficient compared to being entertaining. Randolph hardly jumps, and Gasol's athleticism seems nowhere near Jordan's, but these two get the job done still. 

Probably David West and Paul Hibbert? Again, they seem to be effective and dominant with their size and shot blocking, but they just don't get people up on their feet like the Clippers duo can. 

Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol? Errrr....

As the season passes the halfway mark and the post season arrives, fans all over the world will be ready to see even more of the Clippers frontcourt, possibly leading Lob City to the Conference Finals? That will be a debate for another day, but as for now, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan are definitely the most entertaining frontcourt in the NBA, though not the best-YET. 


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