Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wayne Rooney's Top 5 Goals

At 27 years old and with 9 seasons already past him, Wayne Rooney has been a goalscoring machine that has captured our hearts and at times, left us staring in shock with the way he scored them. With more than a hundred goals scored in his career, let's take a look at the 5 best goals of Wayne Rooney.

5. vs Middlesbrough FA Cup, 2005

Just no chance for Schwarzer.

After scoring an out-of-this world wonder goal, chipping Schwarzer from 40 yards out,(I rank it no.6, just missed the cut) Rooney completed his destruction of Middlesborough with a vicious volley just dripping with venom. 

Difficulty: 7 
Style: 8
Importance: 6

4. vs Arsenal, 2002

Seaman loves to eat grass.

This was Rooney announcing his arrival into the elite. With an audacious curling effort, Rooney broke Arsenal's streak and their hearts. Did I mention he was 16 then? FANTASTIC.

Difficulty: 8
Style: 8
Importance: 8

3. vs Portsmouth, FA Cup 2007

                David James left standing still.

Yet again, Rooney chips someone in the FA Cup, and to make it even more impressive, he did it with a defender right in front of him. Either he did not see the defender or he had his calculations all correct, but we all know its the latter. David James did not even know what to do as he just gave up. Hilarious yet breathtaking.

Difficulty: 9
Style: 9

2. vs Newcastle, 2005 

         That was too badass.

Rooney, feeling really ticked off the whole game, and with United trailing to Newcastle, decided to vent his anger on a poor Tim Howard clearance. Result: Mind-Blowing goal. Just look at the curl on the ball and the distance from goal! Personally, I would choose this goal to be no.1 but you gotta give credit where credit is due, which leads us to......

Difficulty: 10

1. vs Manchester City, 2011 


This was just a goal that got everyone who saw it live, off their seat. Man City or Man United or even Liverpool fans, give it up, that was just pure genius that only comes once in a lifetime. With the score at 1-1 and both teams needing the win to gain an upper hand in the title race, Rooney stepped up and made history. Overhead or Bicycle or whatever you want to call it, it was just world class. 

Difficulty: 10
Style: 10
Importance: 10


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