Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rave of the Week: Chris Bosh's Humiliating All-Star Night

There are moments in the All-Star Weekend that leave you amazed, in awe, bored, fascinated, excited, or rolling on the floor laughing. The 2013 All-Star Game was a ROFL kind of night, well at least when it came to victim-of-the-night: Mr. Chris Bosh.

Let's do a summary for Bosh of the things that he does not want to remember ever again:
Airballs x4
Getting Posterised x4
Ball dribbled through legs x2
Various clumsy actions

He pretty much had a nice full list, all he needed was to miss a few dunks to complete his embarrassing night.

Highlights of the night would include Chris Paul's sweet dribble through Bosh's legs as if he wasn't there. To make matters worse, awhile later, Bosh took Parker one on one and yet again got left red-faced. That's two times in a single game to the SAME player. For something that happens once in probably ten plus games, that was laugh out loud hilarious.

He probably wished Rondo would never have gotten injured and that he would never have started the game in his place. Now Bosh will probably have to face tons of jokes from teammates, jibes from friends and family and a possible starring role on the next Shaqtin' a Fool. My advice: no family gatherings for the time being Chris.

As next years All-Star Weekend comes around, you can be rest assured that I will be excited and ready to spot not the next big star or the next dunk champion, but the next All-Star Blooper Hall of Famer. On the list, Chris "Birdman" Andersen and Chris Bosh.

Who's next?


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