Monday, February 11, 2013

Lebron and Wade have an In-Game Dunk Contest

All-Star Weekend is still a week away from now, and the dunk contest won't be featuring James or Wade, but man, those two showcased some dunk contest-worthy jams that left the Lakers floored.

Maybe Lebron's tweet : "dunk contest?" was kind of a inside code thingy with Wade for in-game dunk displays, we'll never know.

Well, most of the dunks were by James, as usual, but Wade had a pretty monstrous 4th quarter as the Heat broke away from the Lakers to a ten point lead to end the game. However, 5 minutes left in the third quarter, with only a one point difference in the game, Wade did this:

OUCH. Howard, im sorry but you are on that poster.

To understand the difficulty of that dunk, Wade took off before the restricted zone painted area with Howard flying in for the block, hung in the air, flew under the net, before throwing down a huge jam on the reverse. WOW.

Scorecard: 10

James had his fun too, leaving all of us wishing he'd just take part in the damn dunk contest and answer our prayers.

In the first quarter, James left MWP standing and staring with the powerful spin and slam, and yes, no one really wanted to get in the way of that and ending up hurt. Pity the rim, though.

Scorecard: 8

Now this was just pure beauty. Wade does an amazing job saving the ball from going out of bounds, Cole gets the ball on the two on one fast break with James. Result: Massive Alley-Oop. Just look at the slow-mo, the rim was on James' eye level as he threw it down with both hands, poetry in motion. This dunk gets a perfect score for the team effort on the defense, to the save, up to the oop.

Scorecard: 10

While the previous dunk was a team effort, this was all Lebron. With the game ending, and with a seven point lead, James steals the ball, powers up the court, and guess who's in his way? Little ol' Stevie Nash. What comes next is no surprise: a textbook James freight train one hand tomahawk. Just nothing you can do about it.

Scorecard: 7

Let's all just hope that the actual dunk contest will be better than this, because this game was pretty awesome. Now if only we could get these two to sign up for 2014's Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.


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  1. LeBron is playing the best ball ever. When he goes to the basket he is nearly unstoppable. Wade still can get to rim and posterize the best of them.