Friday, March 8, 2013

Lebron Auditions for Announcer Job

With the game still close at the beginning of the fourth quarter against the Sixers, Lebron James decided to think about his life after basketball and proceeded to pick up a microphone on the scorers table and try some announcing.

Watch out Kevin Harlan, im coming soon.

Well, what really went down: Lebron deflected a pass and while trying to save the ball from going out of bounds, he landed up at the scorer's table and in a moment of jest, picked up the microphone. He had a good laugh, the announcers had a good laugh, the scorers table had a good laugh and almost everyone else, except the Sixers of course.

Though it was out of fun, it leaves one thinking, will Lebron go the route of Reggie Miller and Shaq and a whole hosts of players who joined broadcasting after their careers were over? It could turn out to be a pretty good option, especially if Lebron gets a spot on the Inisde the NBA panel. Watching Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Lebron going back and forth with jokes and jibes would totally hilarious and interesting.

Furthermore, besides being a pretty funny guy, people would actually care about Lebron's opinion on the NBA's weekly happenings, unlike Brent Barry or or Dennis Scott. Who knows, Lebron might even have a hit segment a la Shaqtin' a Fool.

We'll see in a few years time though, and for now, we'll just enjoy what Lebron's best at - Playing ball.


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