Saturday, February 9, 2013

Celtics Destroy Lakers by 21 points, KG Not Surprised

A crushing win against the Lakers, Howard gets fouled out, KG reaches 25K points, Kobe loses his facilitator role and the Celtics get a sweet sixth consecutive win.

Who knew that the Celtics would be so good without Rondo? The Celtics dominated the game, and had a 27 point lead by the end of the third quarter. Avery Bradley proved his mettle once again with 10 points, providing the defensive hustle for the Celtics. Jeff Green was the spark off the bench, finishing with 19 points and one huge block towards the end of the third quarter.
Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 24 points and KG capped off a career milestone night with 15 points.

Towards the end of the third quarter, with the Celtics up by 15, Jeff Green threw down a huge dunk, ran all the way back and rejected an Antawn Jamison layup, sending the TD Garden into a frenzy. Pierce proceeded to call for the ball and sank a deep three with a hand in his face. At this point, the Garden was exploding with cheers. From then on, they did not look back as they finished out the game easily.

Kobe sat out the entire fourth quarter with the game more or less finished, and Dwight Howard had a torrid game with 9 points and was clearly not comfortable on the court, fouling out in the fourth.

Yet again, this already fantastic season has pulled out another surprise. The Celtics have been absolutely fantastic since Rondo's ACL tear, proving all the doubters wrong.

What's next? Bynum returns and dominates? Rose leads the Bulls to a championship? Phil Jackson returns to the Lakers??


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