Monday, February 4, 2013

The Miami Heat's Biggest Problem: The Big Three

Just hours ago, the Miami Heat took down the Charlotte Bobcats 99-94. Another day in the life of the Heat, probably, but the game showed potential problems the Miami Heat might face.

2012 Champions: The Miami Heat 

Lebron James- 31 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds. Dwayne Wade- 20 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists. Chris Bosh 23 points, 4 rebounds. Wow, great stuff by the big three. Using simple math, the Big Three accounted for 74 points of the 99.

The scary fact: The Big Three were the only players in double figures. The next highest scorer was Ray Allen with 7.

Furthermore, this is not a one time occurrence. In fact, the last few Heat games have shown the exact same pattern. In Toronto, the Big Three scored 81 of the Heat's 100 points with the next highest scorer being Shane Battier with 5. Before that, in the loss to the Pacers, The Big Three scored 58 of the Heat's 89 points.

This all points to one thing- An over-reliance on the Big Three. We saw how the Heat was tied up with the Raptors till Lebron came on to help the Heat pull away for the win. Today against the Bobcats, it was pretty much the same thing.

So what would the Heat do without the Big Three? Right now they are playing great basketball with the fancy dimes, cuts, alley-oops and even Bosh having his turn at the three-point line. All it takes is an injury to one of these guys and the Heat might be facing a real tough time. Last year's playoff run was a clear indicator. The Heat had a real tough time against the Pacers with Bosh out with abdominal pains. When he came back against the Celtics in the next round, they were playing much better ball.

Of course, some might say (and even I would say) that the Heat are just playing out the regular season, getting it over and done with and get to the post-season. Many games so far have shown that, constantly leaving it till the fourth quarter to get the win. There seems to be a lack of desire or drive for the Heat but when the post-season comes, I guarantee you the Heat will be a different animal.

So is this a cause for concern? Will the Big Three stay healthy? Can the 'The Others' rise up in case of an injury to the Big Three?

We'll just have to wait and see.