Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rockets Score 23 Treys: Luck or Skill?

The Rockets crushed the Warriors 140-109 in one of the most devastating displays from downtown in the history of the NBA. Let's break down the long range culprits...

1. Jeremy Lin 

28 points, 5 out of 8 from downtown. 

Is Linsanity back? The last time he nearly reached the 30 mark was way back in Feb 2012 when Linsanity started. With a season average of 28.9% three point percentage, one would not expect 5 three pointers in the game. Im not saying he is a bad shooter, he's just not consistent enough. Besides, considering the amount of open looks that he had, knocking down those threes were a requirement. 

Conclusion: LUCK

2. James Harden 

18 points, 4 of 5 from downtown

Well we all know what Harden, can do, drive, shoot and look scary. Leading the Houston Rockets in scoring this year, Harden has taken tons of threes and made them. Possibly due to the high amount of shots he takes, his 3PT percentage stays around an unimpressive 32.8%, however, his deadliness from the three point line is well-known and give him open shots like in the Warriors game, he'll make those shots

Conclusion: SKILL

3. Chandler Parsons

16 points 4-8 from downtown

This is a pretty tough call. We know that he is only a sophomore but with a 3PT percentage of 36.4% I'm gonna say he earned it and anyway, he only made half his shots so skills and luck kinda balanced out for him

Conclusion: BOTH

4. Marcus Morris

13 points 3-6 from downtown

Morris has been a pretty good option for the rockets on the bench especially the three point option. Shooting 38.3% from the arc, his 50% made in this game seems like a normal day for him.

Conclusion: SKILL

5. Toney Douglas

14 points 2-4 from downtown

He is definitely known for his three point ability with a 37.7% season average and he too made 50% of his treys, nothing spectacular nothing out of the ordinary.

Conclusion: SKILL

6. James Anderson

8 points 2-4 from downtown

It's almost impossible to tell because this youngster has only played a total of 96 games since he entered the NBA in 2010.
So far, he's made 4 of 8 attempts from downtown this season, so....

Conclusion: LUCK

The others:

Patrick Patterson, Patrick Beverly, Donatas Montiejunas.


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