Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rave of the Week: Kobe Posterizes the Nets

Our rave of the week: Kobe turns back the clock and dunks on Kris Humphries AND Gerald Wallace like its good ol' 98'.

According to the Los Angeles Times:
I was pretty shocked that the lane was so wide open,” Bryant said after the game. “I think that everybody’s been drinking the ‘Kobe-pass’ Kool-Aid, so everybody kind of stays on the perimeter with the shooters. It just parted like the Red Sea. So I felt a little like Moses.”

There you have it, Kobe Bryant goes Old Testament on the Brooklyn Nets. Check out old Moses's dunk once more:


 For a moment there, if you said that you did not expect to see a Mini-Fro and a No.8 on Kobe's back as he landed, I would call you a big fat liar. 

In retrospect, its been 17 amazing seasons with Kobe Bryant, and dunks like these from him are starting to get rare. So will Moses part the Red Sea one more time? I sincerely hope so.

The Good Ol' Days.

Keep a lookout for next week's Rave of the Week!


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