Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rave of the Week: Skip Bayless gets Jealous of Deandre's Slam

This week, the world witnessed probably one of the greatest and most astonishing dunks in recent history. It set twitter ablaze, led to the creation of T-Shirts glorifying the dunk and also led to people really thinking that Brandon Knight was indeed deceased. (#RIPBrandonknight). Well, someone wasn't too happy about it.

Brandon Knight:"uh-oh"

ESPN's First Take's Skip Bayless, an avid commentator on the sports scene, reacted strongly against the dunk, as he took to twitter:

I'm sick of Clips getting away w/ leading w/ left forearm or elbow before dunking. THAT'S AN OFFENSIVE FOUL. But won't call it & ruin dunk.

Following it up with a tweet that just screamed: sore loser.

Clips are really good at dunking and celebrating. Not so sure how good they are at winning playoff games.

It's not clear as to why he had such disdain for the play, maybe he just wanted to be the contrarian in this case.

A day later, he tweeted during the Spurs-OKC game,

Now THAT was a dunk by Kawhi Leonard. Stole it from Westbrook, behind the back, coast to coast, LEFTHANDED dunk over Perkins, who isn't a PG

No doubt, it was an impressive dunk by Leonard, yet Skip Bayless had to compare it to the Deandre Jordan dunk, highlighting the fact that Deandre Jordan dunked on a PG, probably suggesting that it wasn't hard at all. YEAH RIGHT.

Few days later, he referenced the dunk in a tweet on the Heat-Sixers game,

Jrue dunks on LeBron, turning him into Brandon Knight. Tied, 1:20 left.

Now if you saw the dunk by Jrue, Lebron was nothing like Knight at all.

What those tweets show is how absurd it is that someone can come up with an opposing view on a subject that is so unanimously favoured, like the Jordan dunk and the dominance of Lebron, just for the sake of opposing something. Of course there will always be people like that around, but the ridiculousness, absurdity and even the hilarity of it made and entertaining week in the NBA more entertaining and enjoyable.


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